Tips And Vital Equipment Of Building A Home Gym On A Budget

Tips And Vital Equipment Of Building A Home Gym On A Budget (3)

Building a home gym on a budget can be fairly cheap and simple if you know what to buy. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy training in a crowded gym or you can’t always get the time to go to the gym, then the best solution for you is to build a home gym. Building a budgeted home gym requires a small investment of money, dedication, and enough space for your trainings.

Here are some of the vital equipment and safety tips that will help you set up a budgeted home gym

Tips And Vital Equipment Of Building A Home Gym On A Budget (1)

  • Barbell and weights

There are two types of barbell; Olympic and standard. Barbells are built with bars that are designed to bend easily and are easily obtainable. They should not hold more than 200pounds and are good for both light and heavy trainers. As for plates, you can easily find them anywhere at only $1-50 cents per pound and are good for beginners

  • A power rack

This is the centerpiece of a complete home gym. Almost everything can be done here, plus they add a substantial measure of safety. It is equipped with j-hooks to allow you perform any free weight move you think of and the pins to save you in case you miss a lift. Most racks are built with attachments like pull-up bars and dip to improve their functionality.

  • Dumbbells

Dumbbells are as useful as barbells. They come in both standard or Olympic that makes easy for you to match the barbell plates and most of them are plate-loadable. Olympic handles are simply the best, but I highly recommend the standard handles of you are on a tight budget.

  • Ab wheel

If you want to build a six pack abs and a solid core, then there’s no better tool than this one. Ab wheel comes in all sizes, but the dual-wheel version is the best if you want to begin with the wheels.

  • BenchTips And Vital Equipment Of Building A Home Gym On A Budget (2)

Some movements like a bench press require a person to lie down. If you are diligent enough, you will find a decent training bench. Most new benches are at an affordable price so if you are a serious lifter, look for an adjustable bench that can uphold your weight and height too.

Before building your home gym, it is important to first visualize and decide on your space. Preferably, you should have free reign that will affect the gym’s feel, look and sound. Also remember that patience is a virtue and in order to build a good budgeted home gym, take your time to plan first as you start with the essentials.