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What To Look For In A Home Inspection Report (1)

What To Look For In A Home Inspection Report

Before buying a house one should know that everything in the house is fine. One may not have time to go through all the areas of the house. This is where the home inspection report comes in handy. Since you now have the inspection report, the next thing you ask yourself is what to look for in a home inspection report. Some of the things factored in the report include

  • The foundation

The foundation is what holds the building from the ground. One should check to see if there are any cases of cracks noticed or any irregularities in the foundation report. If any cases are found then a further inspection ought to be done to ensure the foundation is fine.

  • Roofing

One should look for any reported leaks. If there are none, a further report should be done to determine if the roof can have leaks in the future.

  • What To Look For In A Home Inspection Report (3)Drainage

This shows that the drainage is adequate and will prevent flooding in the home and surrounding. In the inspection report, one should find the slope of the land in which the house is located.

To be on the safe side, the surrounding land should slope away from the house and also six to eight inches of the concrete foundation must be visible. It is also recommended that the gutters and drainage spouts be angled away from the house.

  • Windows and doors

One should ensure that the windows close and open properly without any difficulties. All the window sills and screens should still be intact.

  • Electrical, cooling and heating systems

In electrical inspection, the report should show that all the electrical outlets were tested, same to circuit breakers and light fixtures. In cooling and heating systems testing, the thermostat response and the furnace are tested to ensure they are working well.

  • Plumbing

The report should indicate no evidence of leaks in pipes and fixtures. The bath tubs should also be inspected for any water damages. The pressure for both hot and cold water should be checked by running it in multiple faucets. The water heater should also be functioning properly.

  • Walls, ceiling and floorsWhat To Look For In A Home Inspection Report (2)

Any presence of water damage should be checked. This is usually indicated by the presence of moulds. Cracks in the walls should also be reported. Floors and tiled areas are also checked in order to determine their condition.

After knowing what to look for in a home inspection report and finding a problem, one should not be deterred from buying the house. The inspection report will still help you avoid overpaying for the repairs.