The Ultimate Furniture Checklist For New A Apartment

The Ultimate Furniture Checklist For New Apartment (1)

Moving and eventually settling down in a new apartment is indeed one of the most significant transitions; more so when it is the first time for one to live on his or her own. During this exciting step, there are probably many things that an individual will want to accomplish.

Here is the ultimate furniture checklist for a new apartment and what to put in mind for one to keep track of everything that he or she needs.


Set a realistic budget

Before an individual buys anything for the new apartment, is indeed a wise idea to set a budget that is realistic. Sometimes, it can be so tempting for an individual to rush out and acquire everything right away. However, before taking any step, one should make sure that there is enough money for all the utilities and furniture needed. In fact, one should look for sales and coupons that will help him or her stretch the budget. Alternatively, one can as well go bargain at resale shops, consignment stores, online classified ads, and garage sales.

What to buy

Once an individual knows how much he or she can spend, it important thing to prioritize his or her shopping list. For sure, one has to be realistic despite the fact that he or she can be tempted to furnish and splurge the entire apartment all at a go. One should start from the most essential furniture like window covering, dishes and bed as the rest follows.

Basic furniture in the kitchen

Among the kitchen inventory that a person may need for any occasion within the kitchen are chairs, kitchen table, rubbish bin, kettle, microwave, and clock. Also, one should have eating and drinking utilities like serving dishes, a selection of knives, forks, cups, plates, glasses, and mugs. For cleaning purposes in the kitchen area, one should have scrubbers, sponges and wiping clothes. Vacuum cleaner, sweeping brush, dustpan and brush, and mop and bucket should not be left out.

Living room furniture

Within the living room area, one should have a coffee table, a couch, curtains, lamp, and bookshelves. Others include TV and TV stand, CD storage, photo frames, cushions, and ornaments to decorate.

Essential furniture for the bedroom

They include mattress, bed, bedside lamp, bedside table, and a wardrobe. There should be hungers for individual’s clothes, mirror, bed sheets, pillow and blanket for the bedroom.

The Ultimate Furniture Checklist For New Apartment (2)

Bathroom furniture

The list here includes toilet brush, towel rack, bathroom mat, shower curtain and soap dish.

The above is what one should include in their own furniture checklist for a new apartment. Other furniture might needed include laundry, hardware, and first aid among others.